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Too hot to get burned – Channel 7 Australia VS Paris Hilton

Posted by Már 30 2012

The fox of the Little Prince once said: “It is only with the heart that one can see.” When you are watching this video, try to look with your heart for a second, and think before you make any judgement. After you watched it, read mine… Now clich HERE.

Being Paris Hilton

I am not saying all this because I translated Paris Hilton’s book to Hungarian or because I had the chance to meet her in person a couple of times. I’m saying it, because I want everyone to see this perfect example of how cruel bitch media can be. Channel 7 is being a moron. They do use the name and the fame of Paris Hilton what she built up for herself, and they are aware of it that they are benefiting from being an ass, knowing how many people would be thrilled if they could trash the heiress. So acting like as if it was okay to start an interview with visible intolerance they decided to embarrass Paris in front of the whole wide word. Not cool at all. I’m sure anyone with a bit less ego could easily embarrass this so called reporter, who is just visibly flying above herself, thinking “I did it. I’m a hero.” I can’t be bothered with looking up her name, but this goes out for her. Honey. Paris Hilton’s job is to stay gorgeous at any time. She did a perfect job. You did not menage to interrupt her, not even for a second.

What the hell is the world’s problem with Paris Hilton being Paris Hilton? If you don’t approve her relevance, do not be occupied by her. And if you are occupied with her so deeply and obsessively, that you are spending hours with writing all these witty declarations , and editing this shamefully unoriginal report on your so called victory, I have news for you. Sorry, bitch, you are a closeted Paris Hilton fan. Oh, and as a side note… green makes you look pale. Or you were just a wee bit nervous?




Meeting the Spiritual Girl in Venice

Posted by Sze 06 2011

My dreams did come true… once I stopped being a “Material Girl”, and start being a “Spiritual Guy”. Having the chance to talk to my childhood idol and longtime spiritual inspiration, Madonna at the press conference of her movie, W.E. was an undescribable experience. And my trip to the Venice Film Festival was an adventure for a lifetime…

My question appears around 6.38… and the answer goes on, and on!

The cherry on the top is that my question is already history! British paper, The Sun reveals her answer to my question: “Did your strong spiritual foundation help you to stay calm at the darkest hours?” The Queen of Pop held court during a post-screening news conference where she explained how she drew on her ‘strong spiritual foundation,’ to find time to work on the film project, including the writing the screenplay – a process that took three years. “Making films is really hard in the first place. You have to believe in your subject matter and be passionate about it because there will be challenges along the way. You have to be prepared like the captain of a ship, no matter what happens you have got to keep going. So your spiritual foundation has to be strong.”

After the incredible experience I had a few more days in the Italian city of love. Wondering around the old city I felt like I’m one of the weird characters from Woody Allen’s infamous neo-musical, Everyone Says I Love You, and enjoying the view from my fancy little hotel on the corner of a canal i kept pinching myself if this is only a dream. Well if it is, I still didn’t wake up yet. I’ll be grateful forever for my Kabbalah teachers for pushing me, and for making it sure that I’m always following my dreams. And – from a “material girl” point of view, I’ll always be grateful for this amazing website, where I found my “home in Venice”, this perfect little castello.

My article will premier in the December issue of the Hungarian Elle magazine.  More great hotel deals at

Not in the Mood for Love… An Anti-Valentine’s Day Brawl

Posted by feb 11 2011

At 16 Millfields Road, Hackney, we are having another infamous party to commiserate Valentine’s day and see it in with a bang… bang… banging hangover. 7pm start for cocktails and fun. After you red my ab fab poem, I’m sure you’ll be trough with love. All welcome!

Are You?…

Roses are red, violets are blue,
Everyone’s a liar who says love is true.
Romantic illusions – get away from me!
Let’s celebrate scepticism with a themed party.

Put on your black gloves,
dig in the makeup set.
On this valentine’s day…
all the hearts are dead.

Join us for a drink,
better drunk than in love!
Say bye-bye white swan,
and welcome the black dove.

Breaking hearts with style,
it’s like heaven is near.
Bring your partner with you,
and have your break-up here!

Burn your wedding portraits,
melt your gold ring,
and be open for the pleasures
that our brawl will bring!