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The Secret is yours now

Posted by Sze 22 2009

Hungary’s jucy celebrity magazine, HOT! recently published a two page article on my Kabbalah studies. If you’re interested in the technology of soul what changed my way of thinking, talking and living, go for it! I do know secret now: the main importance is not in fame on wealth, but what I do with it.

That’s our secret… and yours as well…

The magazine says: Kristóf Steiner left a glamorous life in the spotlight, when he moved to Tel Aviv half a year ago. Now he is sharing with the Hot! magazine readers what changed in his life. „My dad and mum were really spiritual people and they had kabbalah books back in the 80’s, when no one knew about this cosmic wisdom in Hungary. For me, since I was a kid, the main thing was getting famous, to be on tv, go to VIP parties and be in movies. After I got all these, I realized how empty is the channel between me and the people who are looking at me: I don’t give anything for the fame what I got.”

While Kristóf was dealing with being a celebrity – what he always wanted – he lost his own, real personality: he stopped taking care of people and causes what he did before and he developed a serious eating disorder.

„I realized that being famous is a responsibility. I have to do and say things what has meaning and can guide others. When I came to Israel, I already knew I am going to visit the Kabbalah Centre, since I already finished most books which has been published in Hungary, and I found it very helpful and inspirational. When I met my instructor, David Zakin, I knew this the right way to the light.”

Kristof says being spiritual and finding God in himself does not mean he won’t go out or party again: he loves to have fun, but as he says, our material interests are in a certain 1 percent of our true nature, all the rest, what brings us closer to be filled up with satisfaction is in the 99 percent.

„My teacher called me a few times while I was in Hungary for 2 weeks, and if I get destructed he is giving me advices what meditation should I do or which book should I read and I truly trust him.” Says Kristóf, and he thinks, no one should be sarcastic about people looking for spiritual paths. „I know some people will say I’m following a fashion line by Madonna or Demi Moore, but I know how serious I am about becoming a better person, who can share the light what he experiences. Reacting on the sarcasm is never a wise thing. It’s time for us to do actions, not re-actions.”

I’m happy and grateful for my new mission what I got from the Light: building and editing the’s Hungarian website. If you thought that it’s all about a red bracelet and a bottle of water, visit us on the other side of the curtain. Join our Facebook group and if you are in Tel Aviv, here is a hint… there is a new English language class starting really soon. “I think you wanna come over…”

The beauty – not the beast

Posted by Sze 19 2009

I don’t consider myself a really old person at the age of 27, but I must say the pressure from the plastic-fantastic media is slowly taking us there to feel like we’re fare over our best times at the age of 20. The funny thing is that we didn’t even do anything before that age: we just enjoyed watching stupid television series and went for sleepover parties. If we were studying, we mostly learned about things what we almost never used after the exams and we were interested in the new hairstyle of our favorite celebrities.

8417_1234873873461_1277617146_687186_1360750_nÖzge is such a spiritual kid!

The most things what we learn are coming to us after the ages when we are so full of energies to remember every unimportant details, when we are much less opened to new things in life and – sad but true – our brain activities are just simply nut as fresh as they were once. We learn spirituality, languages, we try to remember how to take good care of ourselves and meanwhile we think: „Oh, God, why didn’t I start this at the age of 7?” The answer is very simple: we didn’t now where to start and our parents were more busy about how to make sure that our life as grown ups will be successful, we will be wealthy and we can give the same to our children.

Times have changed and we want to give fare more than this to our children. Thank Karen Berg, co-founder of the Kabbalah Center, we can teach our little ones that no house can be built from the roof. According to Kabbalah, our desire is one thing, and that is the spiritual light. No matter what are our tools to get it: a huge meal at the middle of the night, what we can’t resist, a tongue-in gossip about a college of ours to get a new job, or just a pair of very new – and very expensive – Manolo Blahnik,  we all look for our essence of God. We just don’t know the way, how to get it.

Imagine that your children wouldn’t have to repeat your mistakes. Imagine that your little girl growing up would know that every single action has it’s consequences and every single word has it’s effect. That is what Spirituality for Kids, a worldwide program by teachers and supporters offers you, without pushing a child into a religion, what they just can’t adopt at this young age. Instead of repeating – God forbid –meaningles prayers at the Sunday Church, these kids can connect to the inner light and get to know the opponent in themselves. Above writing, and counting they get other skills, they get the blueprint of life, for growing up – what we never had. We had to fight our demons, beasts and monsters and we had so many questions what we are still trying to find answers for. Can you imagine that your own child – being 20 years younger than you are – would be able to answer your questions?

By reading Madonna’s English Roses – a Kabbalistic wisdom inspired book series –instead of playing with the Nintendo all day long, killing aliens, our children can become the light in our lives as well. Taking a child to be a part of this spiritual journey is the greatest gift what we can give – and the greatest benefit what we can get. Who ever saw a child crying in a supermarket, looking for his mama knows exactly, what does it mean to be lost. No one wants his baby to face the feeling of not finding the way to the source. This is why, I know, that when I’ll have the chance to experience the amazing gift of having a baby, I’ll raise up my child with giving the most beautiful gift what anyone can get: spirituality. For kids, grownups, elderly… maybe even doggies.


Posted by Sze 06 2009

What are you afraid of?  Are you afraid of rats?  Are you afraid of worms? Are you afraid of heights? The premise of RTL Klub’s game show Fear Factor is that they take your fears and multiply them by 100!

Bonne appetit!

As the review of the show says: get ready to relive every thrilling, exhilarating, and outrageous moment of the mega-hit Fear Factor’ footage. Equally creative and diverse are the “gross out” exploits. What will it be this time, crawling into a coffin full of worms, or a pit full of snakes? Fear Factor adds an entirely new dimension to the reality TV genre. Contestants must not only face their own fears and repulsions head on, but they must do so in front of the other contestants, many of whom do their best to discourage them. And it has got to be tough on the big macho guys waiting their turn to perform after watching some tiny homo complete a stunt; they can’t give the slightest impression of fear without being humiliated. It is always fascinating to watch each person face their fear within the dynamics of the group. The reasons the contestants give for coming on the show are often touching, and sometimes have little to do with the $50,000 prize.

Well, we did win the game and the prize as well… and then we gave it away for charity. Shooting in Buenos Aires was really hot… I must say at nights, when everyone else was preparing for tomorrow’s terrible trial, I was out dancing with my new friend Ariel. Nope, he is  not the Little Mermaid but a cute guy from Argentina. After some crazy nights I felt like nothing can cure hangover better than a huge, black, hairy tarantula spider…  Yummie! Click on the video and join my dinner party!