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The dragon of Craze

Posted by jún 29 2011

The house in front of us: a strange red castle, with a sign saying „HOTEL“, but locals say it’s more of a whore house to tell the truth.

The Red House

A bleached russian woman lives on the second floor, she is wearing the same minidress all the time, regardless of how is the weather, or what time is it. She is often accompanied by a strange bold dude, who is drunk 24/7, and he likes to – well, how should I say – bark as a dog, jumping and yelling on the balcony.

There is a collector type of guy, living on the third floor. The subject of his collecting obsession has remained a mistery, but there are all kinds of objects hanging from the ceiling at his balcony from paintings to mugs, and the crows of the area are crazy for this strange collection: they hop by to spend some time here all the time. Of course he is not even bothered by the huge black creatures.

At the front of the house, on the corner of Nachalat Benyamin and Gruzenberg streets, an honorary guest is giving a concerto every Friday: she is the Singer Lady. Her voice is rather distracting and unbearable: it could definitely be used as a doorbell on the gates of Hell.

The red, castle-like building is reaching skies in a tower, covered with flake-like tiles. While contemplating those silverish, glimmering slates, I always think, that this house is the home of a dragon, who is sleeping in a foetus position on the top of that tower. The collector must be a wizard, and the craws are their servants. The russian prostitute is probably a charmed princess, and the Singer Lady must be a mermaid, whose voice has once been taken away  from her.

I might ask myself: what is going to happen if the dragon takes me one day? Or am I lost in his enchanted land already, without even noticing it? Am I the next victim?