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If Guy Ritchie would be a Hungarian…

Posted by aug 19 2009

...than he most probably would be make the hit production, Argo in a similar way. – A selection from IMDb’s reviews of one of my movie’s Argo, out now on a special edition three disc DVD.

6333_1139165130748_1576015287_30365322_1008628_nHere we (Ar)go!

Quest for the Golden Owl – Attila Árpa a former Hungarian reality-show producer wanted to make an action movie that his country’s never had before. Árpa admittedly borrowed certain patterns from the masters of the genre: Tarantino, Ritchie and Kusturica. However, his product turned out much better than it first sounded (the makers managed to attract a lot of attention to their work when it was in progress). Most of the elements has been seen before, but Hungarian environment and sarcasm add a fresh tune to this slowly decaying type of movie. The filmmakers didn’t waste much time with the story: it’s a great challenge with time and the opponents for the fabulous treasure, an ancient barbarian golden owl named Styx Aurum. The three completely different gangs are running amok countrywide and stop only when they reach the finish line. The film is pulsing until the last minute, so you don’t have time to get bored. The great performances of the Hungarian actors(none of them well known)must be mentioned: they make their characters really believable. The only problem will be about the translation of the diction, because the language is so inventively mean, that it can be hardly translated. Time will tell, but this doesn’t change the fact that it is a well-made and very dashing film.

By István Farkas and Richard Barna

Cheer for charity – Children’s Day

Posted by aug 15 2009

World Children’s Day of McDonald’s has been running with huge success for years in 30 thousand restaurants of the world. The collected donations will be granted to Ronald McDonald House Charity Foundation. Me as a Mc Donald’s cashier? Yes. If I can help, I’ll be serving burgers all day and night…


Ronald McDonald goes blonde this season…

“Under this initiative, this week the restaurant offers a certain amount of the price of a designated meal sold in the restaurants for the benefit of the Foundation, when well-known and respected members of the given country and local communities stand behind the counters of the restaurants, to give a little additional inspiration to the customers to buy the products that will contribute to the Foundation. The charity week was concluded by a special day: celebrities stood behind the counter, to raise awareness of the situation of families in need, and to encourage every customer to support the Foundation, depending on their budget. Those who purchased postcards with drawings of sick children in need of hospital care also contributed to the support of a free temporary home for these children and their families. In 2006 18 million HUF was collected in one week, which went towards the annual revenues of the Foundation. On this special day several hundred celebrities worked as salespersons for McDonald’s, including Kristóf Steiner journalist and ex-moderator of Hungary’s popular Music Television, and the girl band, Fresh, selling postcards. Lola, the new teenage celebrity and Lilla Vincze, a singer who has retained her popularity for several years were serving customers in the restaurant in Nyugati Square. The experiences gained over recent years indicate that the guest apartments in Budapest and Miskolc are more in need than ever before, since so far they have provided temporary lodging for over 2500 families while their sick children received hospital treatment. The sum collected during McDonald’s World Children’s Day keeps increasing year by year, which means significant support for the foundation operating on the donations of companies and individuals.” That is why I’m really “lovin’ it”.

Paris Finds Match in Hungarian VJ

Posted by aug 13 2009

It says on the celeb pages of non-news portal Velvet that at least one famous Hungarian got to meet American hotel heiress Paris Hilton – who, as you know, happened to be in Budapest. The ultimate famous-for-being-famous star gave up some of her oh-so-valuable time to meet famous-for-being-outrageously-camp Viva VJ Kristóf Steiner.

paris652800‘s article about that certain night – loves it.

Not only is Steiner a Hungarian celeb in his own right, he also cites Hilton as his inspiration, and even translated her book Confessions of an Heiressinto Hungarian. Based on Steiner’s own account of the meeting, they got on like a pair of empty-headed bimbos handed daddy’s credit card for the day. The dream meeting occured backstage at the Good Charlottegig (keep up, PH is being tapped by a member of the band), where Steiner was working on Monday night. Although he was refused a personal audience and had been told not to harangue the band members about their relationship with Paris, he did hand over a copy of Egy örökösnő vallomásai for her to sign. Perhaps it was the heartfelt message (“Thank you for writing this bible for me to share with Hungarian readers, and thank you for inspiring me in everything I do”), but not long afterward he was summoned by one of P’s doorman to meet his dream gal.

“She complemented me on my necklace and asked what fragrance I was wearing… I told her that it was hers, of course. Then she made everyone smell me and told me that she wears the men’s fragrance, too.” The professional airheads then started singing Paris’s favorite song, “Sanassa, sanassa” to the embarrassment of the band members and minions present.

Like, OMG!