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Come, join the party!

Posted by ápr 22 2010

Electroclash is back! Or, at least the “godfather” of the sound which spawned acts such as Peaches, 2ManyDJs, Felix Da Housecat, and more… the legendary Larry Tee will appear at a special edition of Kollektiva and Kunk. The night, hosted by the golden boy of Hungary’s celeb world, Kristof Steiner, will also feature a special display of customised toyfigures of the forward-styled and New York-based Nooka designer watch brand.

Jump for his love!

The so-called “Andy Warhol of dance music”, Larry Tee has served as one of the foremost influencers of the independent party scene worldwide, beginning with his production of the B-52’s smash hit, the eponymous “Rock Lobster”. Following that auspicious start, Tee’s tastemaking powers only increased, asout of his late 1990s Brooklyn club nights emerged the electro-rock hybrid “Electroclash” sound that became an international phenomenon. Not to rest on its success, Tee continued to push the bar forward with his recent dirty electro-house album Club Badd, featuring appearances by Princess Superstar, Perez Hilton, Roxy Cottontail, Diplo, and collaboration with Steve Aoki and Santogold its tracks are routinely featured in MSTRKRFT and Justice live sets, among others.

Party hosts, and support DJs, Kollektiva and Kunk have each put their own unique stamps on Budapest nightlife Kollektiva with its rave-flavored events featuring such acts as the Bloody Beetroots, Yuksek, Foamo, and Jaymo & Andy George; while Kunk’s indie-nu-disco styled parties have featured Anoraak, Russ Chimes, Thieves Like Us, and The Twelves as guests. Also DJing a special electroclash set in the bar area will be Budapest’s longstanding arbiter of indie, Gumipop.

Kicking off the evening’s happenings is the announcement of the Nooka toy figure design contests for Nooka, with none other than the creator of the accessory watch himself present, Matthew Waldman – who is a long-time friend of Larry Tee, coincidentally.

What: Kollektiva and Kunk present: Larry Tee (USA) + Special Nooka Design Night
When: Friday, April 30, 10pm – 5am
Where: Merlin, Gerlóczy u. 4, 1052 Budapest
DJs Main Stage: Larry Tee; TMX, FullStereo, Popbitch (Kollektiva); Cigi (Kunk)
DJs Bar Area: Gumipop DJs
Personal hosting by: Kristof Steiner
Entry: 1500 HUF


Posted by ápr 10 2010

I have a new neighbor. More correctly: I am the new one, since she was here since 1900. Yesterday as I was walking the doggies on the beach, I looked up on the house next to ours, and I saw I sign: “The poet, Rachel Bluwstein lived and worked in this house…” As  got home I got myself into the grove… I mean Google, and I have to say: now I’m in love!

Hello, stranger…

Rachel  was born in northern Russia in 1890, and died in Tel Aviv in 1931 of tuberculosis, which she contracted while working in schools for refugee children during World War I in Russia. All her poetry was published under her first name only, sometimes spelled ‘Rachel’, sometimes ‘Ra’hel’.  Rachel immigrated to Palestine in 1909, during the period of Ottoman rule, and lived for nearly four years at an agricultural girls’ school on the shores of the Kinneret. In 1913 she traveled to France to study agronomy, and spent the war years in Russia. The poet returned to Palestine in 1919, to Kibbutz Degania, but soon left, as her illness prevented her from working with children, and made physical labor an impossibility as well. She lived out her last years in loneliness in a room in Tel Aviv, and was buried at the Kinneret.

Most of her poetry was published in her last years, her language is so simple and clear, her descriptions deep and emotional; her love poems emphasize pain, loneliness and longing, while the rest often treat the strong connection to the landscape, to biblical figures, to human fate and the puzzle of death. I’m so proud and happy that she is not lonely anymore… I’m her new neighbor.

“Spring and early morning –
do you remember that spring, that day? –
our garden at the foot of Mount Carmel,
facing the blue of the bay?

You are standing under an olive,
and I, like a bird on a spray,
am perched on the silvery tree-top.
We are cutting black branches away.

From below, your saw’s rhythmic buzzing
reaches me in my tree,
and I rain down from above you
aragments of poetry.

Remember that morning, that gladness?
They were – and disappeared,
like the short spring of our country,
the short spring of our years.”

Rachel Bluwstein – Our Garden