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They don’t really care about him

Posted by Júl 12 2009

Yesterday I had a huge fight on the Facebook about the fact that Michael Jackson is about to become the new Messiah: until he was alive everyone was joking around his pedo-file and now – surprise surprise – the whole world is acting like they were already listening to the Black or White while they were sperms. Why did the People magazine put a tiny-tiny photo of Farrah Fawcett on the corner of a Jacko cover, saying: “Oh, by the way she is dead too.” Questions which I suppose does not have answers…

Okay, now let's do it the other way...

Okay, now let’s do it the other way…

I was also wondering, why do people comment the gossip websites with such rage about Britney or Madonna? What is the horrible thing what they did? Oh, yeah, I know: they are still alive. Does everyone have to die so people will start to see the qualities of the artist? Please do me a favour and go on you tube right now to see Britney Spears singing Aretha Franklin at the age of ten, and try to dry your tears, she is so effing amazing. Please go to the to see what Madonna did to “Heal the world”. Why is it important for someone to make a funeral bigger, brighter and more dramatic that Princess Diana’s was? Rates? Oh yea, that’s what death is all about. And that poor kid, for heaven’s sake… did the retarded family put a little pole bear oil in her eyes so she will cry better? Back to Farrah’s case: Charlie’s Angels, HELLO, what’s that, if not the bases of our popular culture, just as Thriller. She was fighting with the cancer for over two years and this does not worth a shared cover for the people at People?

I do NOT want to ask you not to cry over Jackson but please remember that there are artists who you can appreciate now, while they are alive. I do not make a new cover for this magazine, just because I’m respectful with the fans who would feel insulting that Jacko got a two centimetre corner of a Farrah poster. But I do wish that the guys at People would make one for example using the back cover as an other cover for Charlie’s most amazing angel. I love Michael’s talent and I know he is a piece of history for a reason. But hey… why did all these people started to take care of him when it was to late, and why don’t they start to take care of those amazing artists who are still here with us.

BEST magazin – that’s what I’m talking about

Posted by Júl 10 2009

Kristóf Steiner and the love of his life said good bye to Hungary two weeks ago to start a new life in Tel Aviv. “We have all the chances here for the happiness.” But the the future is not always as bright as we plan it…

BEST magazin - that's what I'm talking about

Let’s see what we have for dinner tonight…

The wonderfull Best magazine’s this week edition decided to waste paper on our pathetic search for a new flat in Israel. Buy it while it’s fresh and warm!

Marijuana Cha Cha Cha

Posted by Júl 08 2009

Idiots are doing loads of idiot stuff just to stay young forever, and that is no secret for anyone. Who cares? Me, since I discovered a Spice Girls documentary on the you tube where I had to face with the fact that I grew old with Baby Spice. That few years what I spent with thinking about myself as an eternal teen kid just broke into million peaces. From „Viva forever” to „Goodbye”.

“Bad hair day, Brigitte darling?” “And you’ll be the next, Kristi sweety.”

But it was even more tragic when my dear friend, Greg Gorman took my photos a few weeks ago in Budapest and while he was shooting me he said something really surprising. „You are amazing. Camera loves you, and I’ll take of ten years with the photo shop.” What the f.-ing crap? I’ll be seven years old on the pix? No… wait a minute… I’m 27 and not 17 anymore. And when I got my dedicated print from this genius living legend and real master he told me: „I did not change a lot. I took of the dark circles and the age marks from your hand.” O.M.G… I have age marks, and this has been told by the only person who I would ever trust about a subject like this. He did Andy Warhol’s, Johnny Deep’s and Alfred Hitchcock’s most famous pictures and he represents the golden age of Hollywood and Pop Art – everything what I love. This boy on the picture with in the Gothic window of a Great Expectations kind of castle is really me or is he just a vision? And those cover girls on the Vogue, Cosmopolitan and In Style really believe that they look like on the photos, where a huge team was working on making them tolerable? I totally did. However, as I got to Israel, I started to look for solutions. A well known cosmetic salon’s Madame literally wanted to kill me over the fact that I’m crying about my age at 27, but after the drama she told me two words: cannabis oil. Turns out that weed – just like the Spice Girls – had a comeback. This time we don’t smoke it in the fields of some music festival, next morning waking up for no good, but we put it all over our body. The Body Shop’s website says, cannabis is unique with the concentration of beneficial acidic oils – whatever, and my medical student boyfriend also informed me about the well known effects of the janga in medicine. Seriously… I know that every mark on our face reminds us on the things what we learned in life and that each wrinkle has a story to tell about us but hey, I want them to shut up. I do think that Sharon Stone is much more hot than in the time of Basic Instinct and Iggy Pop is a real sex God for me but accepting age is like bungee jumping. We know we’ll enjoy flying free, but to decide to jump is just freaking difficult. So while I’ll try to make myself go with the flow I give a shot for the cannabis cream what I got. Call me the new Peter Pan if you want, but I’ll fight for my right for being the boy on Greg’s amazing photo of me. Hey, age marks! Don’t you fuck with a Hungarian! Gabor Zsazsa and me kick as!