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Not in the Mood for Love… An Anti-Valentine’s Day Brawl

Posted by feb 11 2011

At 16 Millfields Road, Hackney, we are having another infamous party to commiserate Valentine’s day and see it in with a bang… bang… banging hangover. 7pm start for cocktails and fun. After you red my ab fab poem, I’m sure you’ll be trough with love. All welcome!

Are You?…

Roses are red, violets are blue,
Everyone’s a liar who says love is true.
Romantic illusions – get away from me!
Let’s celebrate scepticism with a themed party.

Put on your black gloves,
dig in the makeup set.
On this valentine’s day…
all the hearts are dead.

Join us for a drink,
better drunk than in love!
Say bye-bye white swan,
and welcome the black dove.

Breaking hearts with style,
it’s like heaven is near.
Bring your partner with you,
and have your break-up here!

Burn your wedding portraits,
melt your gold ring,
and be open for the pleasures
that our brawl will bring!