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Meeting the Spiritual Girl in Venice

Posted by Sze 06 2011

My dreams did come true… once I stopped being a “Material Girl”, and start being a “Spiritual Guy”. Having the chance to talk to my childhood idol and longtime spiritual inspiration, Madonna at the press conference of her movie, W.E. was an undescribable experience. And my trip to the Venice Film Festival was an adventure for a lifetime…

My question appears around 6.38… and the answer goes on, and on!

The cherry on the top is that my question is already history! British paper, The Sun reveals her answer to my question: “Did your strong spiritual foundation help you to stay calm at the darkest hours?” The Queen of Pop held court during a post-screening news conference where she explained how she drew on her ‘strong spiritual foundation,’ to find time to work on the film project, including the writing the screenplay – a process that took three years. “Making films is really hard in the first place. You have to believe in your subject matter and be passionate about it because there will be challenges along the way. You have to be prepared like the captain of a ship, no matter what happens you have got to keep going. So your spiritual foundation has to be strong.”

After the incredible experience I had a few more days in the Italian city of love. Wondering around the old city I felt like I’m one of the weird characters from Woody Allen’s infamous neo-musical, Everyone Says I Love You, and enjoying the view from my fancy little hotel on the corner of a canal i kept pinching myself if this is only a dream. Well if it is, I still didn’t wake up yet. I’ll be grateful forever for my Kabbalah teachers for pushing me, and for making it sure that I’m always following my dreams. And – from a “material girl” point of view, I’ll always be grateful for this amazing website, where I found my “home in Venice”, this perfect little castello.

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Stayin’ Alive in Budapest

Posted by dec 14 2010

No, we are not goin’ out to dance the (in)famous coreography of the Travolta from the classic movie… not this time. The title stands for an AIDS awareness campaign, and for a cause what I’m ready to stan up for any time of the year… especially around Christmas time.

Because they worth it!

Staying Alive is an MTV international initiative to encourage HIV prevention, promote safer lifestyle choices and fight the stigma and discrimination which fuels the HIV epidemic. Staying Alive is now the world’s largest HIV mass media awareness and prevention campaign. It features the world’s biggest stars from Beyonce to Justin Timberlake, Mary J Blige, Diddy, Kanye West, Kelly Rowland, to Nelson Mandela and Bill Clinton. I was honoured and happy when the MTV Hungary asked me to be the ambassador of the campaign, and on the side of many other Hungarian artist, promote health and safe sex in the form of concerts, documentaries, public service announcements, TV film, film competitions and many others.

Staying Alive began in 1998 as a one off award winning documentary, of the same name, about six young people from around the world and how their lives were affected by HIV and AIDS and hosted by George Michael. Now, a bit more than decade later we’ve been hosting an amazing, all day event in the heart of Budapest, with free and anonimus HIV testing, exhibition, a press conference, and an all night long party with top bands and singers. Just one sentence from my speech in front of the crowd: let’s not call the people “sick”, or “ill”, who suffering from HIV. Let’s call them “healing people”.

There are so many people out there who are terrified of not being able to celebrate Christmas with us next year. You… we are capable of giving them a gift. The same way,as Dorothy needed all her friends to be able to get back to Kansas, the same way as Santa needs Christmas spirit to fly on his sleigh, they need us to believe. The cure is here with us! With the power of collective consciousness we are capable of changing our reality into a world where we all take care of each other. The Bible says, love your neighbour as you love yourself… well I say, sometimes it’s okay to love them even a bit more.

Voices start to ring in your head…

Posted by aug 02 2010

I received a very exciting e-mail: an old colleague of mine wanted to offer me brand-new job…. details later, for now it’s a top secret. Encouraged by the good news I picked together some of my earlier voice-artist jobs…

One Tree Hill – A new teen drama with  the same old story of a family, love, fashion and basketball, in it’s seventh successful season. My character is Mouth who’s dream is to become a real sports reporter. His love life is not too happy – he is kind of a loser – but he has a huge heart, and huge ears as well…

The Skins in a BAFTA-winning British television series. Its success is mainly due to the scandalous topics such as drug use or homosexuality. Maxxie is a gay guy whose dream is to become a professional dancer. One of my favorite scenes was when he announced in front of his class that he is a slut and he is very sorry about it…

One of my best jobs was the little Inu Yasha hero, Shippou, who is aKitsune-youkai, meaning a fox-spirit.  He was attacked by the evil lightning-brothers, who took a fragment of a small fox, and killed his father. Shippou was alone and wanted to revenge his father’s death. This is how he met the main characters, Inuyasha and Kagome, Sango and Miroku. It was absolutely impossible to use this tone of voice for 167 episodes… but I just loved it!