the angel in you

Posted by jan 16 2010

Why do angels not fall as often as Serena Van der Woodsen? Because they see behind the movie set. They know they are messengers of God – and so are we.  So why do we want to be Gossip Girls and not angels?

gossip-girl-omfg“Love your neighbor…”

Don’t get me wrong, I love the silly soap operas. But after reading Yehuda Berg’s weekly connection letter, I started to think: we wouldn’t follow our selfish desires if the right path would be clear. So why do we read and watch and listen to all these trendy pop-cult sparkles, when it seems like they are only setting up bad examples for us. Why are we not watching the stars on the sky instead of the telly?

Well, in my opinion to go wrong with this is for our own good. We can’t make all the mistakes in the world, what people do in the series: cheat on each other, lie, gossip or even kill, but because of our inner Satan, we do want to. These bad girls, these evil guys just do the job for us, so we can remember we are messengers, or angels – and not whores or sluts. We need to feel like we can do anything – and for this we watch these fictional vixens.

Yehuda says: “Because everyone affects someone else, imagine multiplying this effect by 1000. Perhaps you meditated on an ill family member, and they recovered. Perhaps you reasoned with a friend on the verge of a breakdown, and they are still here today because of words you spoke. Each of us has at least one story like this. Multiply it by tens of thousands, or even a million people. This is the true affect we have.” That’s why we have to remember, that Cruel Intentions is a fun movie, but the film of our faith is more like The Wonderful Life.

There are so many more blessings we are capable of giving the world except “xoxo”… Let’s start it today!

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