Pool lounge on the ganges river

Posted by okt 23 2009

This is a story about a Hungarian writer who used to be a TV presenter and actor for over 7 years in Budapest. He earned everything what he wanted and yet his life fell apart. That boy is me and the story is pure reality…

stein_book_pl2-4Cover photo by the legendary Greg Gorman

My book tells how a Buddhist family raised up confused child who went trough heaven and hell. Partying with Paris Hilton, interviewing all kind of celebrities and throwing up my dinner in the restaurant’s bathroom… I just didn’t see the point anymore. I got addicted to painkillers and antidepressants and I developed a serious eating disorder. Buy the time when I realized how fucked up I am, it was kind of too late to get out from the roller coaster. The turning point was when my beloved Mom died. I went to India to spread her ashes in the River Ganges and I asked myself: what the hell am I doing? A lot happened since then. Now I live in Tel Aviv with my most amazing boyfriend, a soon to be doctor and I am healing my soul. Finally I lift myself up to the back of my horse, and I can see the place where I belong. I can see the light in the end of the tunnel. I am not there yet… but I know that I am on the way, and the journey is always more exciting then the destination. A trip trough family affairs, sex, fame, love and spiritualism…

My book will be published in Hungary by a major publisher, Jaffa, on the 6th of November. If you speak Hungarian or you happen to be the head of a world famous publishing house and your only desire is to make me fuckin’ freakin’ rich and famous, than go ahead and order your copy: elorendeles@jaffa.hu. And speaking about serious stuff: the 10% of my royalty will be a donation for the Kids Creating Peace organization. The program is helping Arab, Jewish and Christian children to socialize trough creative games and drama, so they will experience the joy of living together in a world, which doesn’t belong to anyone and yet it’s everyone’s. One world… every child.

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