Paris Finds Match in Hungarian VJ

Posted by aug 13 2009

It says on the celeb pages of non-news portal Velvet that at least one famous Hungarian got to meet American hotel heiress Paris Hilton – who, as you know, happened to be in Budapest. The ultimate famous-for-being-famous star gave up some of her oh-so-valuable time to meet famous-for-being-outrageously-camp Viva VJ Kristóf Steiner.

paris652800‘s article about that certain night – loves it.

Not only is Steiner a Hungarian celeb in his own right, he also cites Hilton as his inspiration, and even translated her book Confessions of an Heiressinto Hungarian. Based on Steiner’s own account of the meeting, they got on like a pair of empty-headed bimbos handed daddy’s credit card for the day. The dream meeting occured backstage at the Good Charlottegig (keep up, PH is being tapped by a member of the band), where Steiner was working on Monday night. Although he was refused a personal audience and had been told not to harangue the band members about their relationship with Paris, he did hand over a copy of Egy örökösnő vallomásai for her to sign. Perhaps it was the heartfelt message (“Thank you for writing this bible for me to share with Hungarian readers, and thank you for inspiring me in everything I do”), but not long afterward he was summoned by one of P’s doorman to meet his dream gal.

“She complemented me on my necklace and asked what fragrance I was wearing… I told her that it was hers, of course. Then she made everyone smell me and told me that she wears the men’s fragrance, too.” The professional airheads then started singing Paris’s favorite song, “Sanassa, sanassa” to the embarrassment of the band members and minions present.

Like, OMG!

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