One snowy night… at home

Posted by dec 18 2009

Did you ever see a trimmed palm tree? Just askin’… since I’m welcoming christmas in Tel Aviv this year. So if you are there, you have to eat yummy bites, enjoy shopping tours, and cultural events for me as well! “I’ll be home for christmas… if only in my dreams.”


“Last christmas… ” …I was in Budapest.

I know, I know… Hungary is freaking cold trough the wintertime. That’s why we, Huns love to warm up with a little booz – such as mulled wine from the Vörösmarty square. Enjoy December’s cheerful and fun event, the traditional Christmas Market near Váci utca, the heart of the city. Try kürtőskalács, aka chimney cake, a classic Hungarian favourite, and spy on the local fashionistas. Budapest is a real fashion hotspot, the most important shopping area in Budapest is Váci street and the side streets, Kígyó street, Petőfi Sándor street, and the historical avenue, Andrássy út. With it’s fancy Armani, Bubery and Gucci stores you surely will love it’s posh charm. Allee Shopping Centre is the „it girl” in town, in Buda. It has all the important shops and apperantly Hungary’s largest book shop, Libri. If you come here, you can avoid the most typical and most stupid gifts in Hungary, the white peasant blouse, tablecloth with tulips or a doll with Hungarian costume… kinda boring, right?

Well, nor for me. To be honest, I miss my home, I miss my friends and I miss everything… even the bad things, what used to make me really angry or upset about my country. I miss the trashy underground, Metro, I miss the short days and rainy nights and I truly miss some stupid fights and misunderstandings with my loved ones. I miss some Euro-culture. Close to the museum you can visit Gödör, a famous club, coffe place and exhibition centre. The program between Christmas and New Year includes thematic nights: Christmas – Chanukah, Jazz extra, Balkan Beats, and New Year’s Eve. It gives the essence of Hungary’s music, showing a wide range of world music, pop-rock, jazz and electric music performed by famous Hungarian performers. If you prefer words over music, meat Hungary’s English speeking theatre groups. „The audience should think about the way we live and what we are. Otherwise why do it? I’m interested in the possibility of redemption, however tiny that possibility is, and I know that forgiveness is very difficult.”
says Simon Stephens who’s story, Pornography is kind of a self-reflection for all of us.

After a deep impact of drama the best way to relax is going out. Alterego’s, Glam’s and Underground’s events are  listed in the petite calendar of the free Na Végre! and Company magazines – you can find them at the gay-friendly clubs and restaurants. And even if there is no special theme night, you can spin around the pole or grab glass of Hungarian wine – u decide if you wanna be a slut or a sophisticated gentleman. Whatever you choose, play safe, and come back soon. Maybe I’ll be back by then.

Marry Xmas and Happy New Year, Santa baby.

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