New Year’s eve… or evil?

Posted by dec 30 2009

New Year’s Eve is usually about fun, parties and champagne, but – as you cal all feel – not this time. If you are wondering, what’s this pressure what makes you not wanting to get out of bed, and why do you feel like drinking a glass of Clorox instead of your morning coffee, let me tell you one word: Mercury. And no, I don’t mean Freddie…

vintage_champagne_guzzling-1-708546Aint it fun?…

My online Kabbalistic Astrology teacher, Yeal made me feel so much better about this strange anti-party mood of mine. Turns out, all the fights, all the moods, even the depressed hysteria was totally predictable. This NYE’s week’s survival kit is called: communication, communication, communication, according to Yael. “Mercury is already retrograde as you know and will be until January 15th. So remember to double and triple check everything we do.” she sais.  You might think you hear something clearly but rest assured there will either be confusion on one end or the other. This month of the Capricorn energy is also in full swing so what I need you to do is fight the urge to get back into bed and under the covers. Did you know that Marilyn Monroe almost never took showers when she was depressed? Yuck, right? Well I guess “some like it stinky”… but if you are not one of them, start your exercise program early, use a ginger-lemon body scrub, start that damn South Beach Diet, or get that extra shot in your mochaccino.  “You will want to throw your hands up and call it quits but keep going.  Just know that all the effort that you put in now will be rewarded later!” says Yael.

“So this week keep moving forward, start making your goals and putting effort towards them for next year.” If you don’t feel like throwing a fancy party, putting on your chic makeup and wearing that silly, pink Britney wig what you bough ages ago, so forget it, but do not forget to live! New Year’s Eve is not a bit more special then any other day, but whatever day it is, you always have to “fight for your right: the party”… the greatest ball, which is called LIFE.

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