If Guy Ritchie would be a Hungarian…

Posted by aug 19 2009

...than he most probably would be make the hit production, Argo in a similar way. – A selection from IMDb’s reviews of one of my movie’s Argo, out now on a special edition three disc DVD.

6333_1139165130748_1576015287_30365322_1008628_nHere we (Ar)go!

Quest for the Golden Owl – Attila Árpa a former Hungarian reality-show producer wanted to make an action movie that his country’s never had before. Árpa admittedly borrowed certain patterns from the masters of the genre: Tarantino, Ritchie and Kusturica. However, his product turned out much better than it first sounded (the makers managed to attract a lot of attention to their work when it was in progress). Most of the elements has been seen before, but Hungarian environment and sarcasm add a fresh tune to this slowly decaying type of movie. The filmmakers didn’t waste much time with the story: it’s a great challenge with time and the opponents for the fabulous treasure, an ancient barbarian golden owl named Styx Aurum. The three completely different gangs are running amok countrywide and stop only when they reach the finish line. The film is pulsing until the last minute, so you don’t have time to get bored. The great performances of the Hungarian actors(none of them well known)must be mentioned: they make their characters really believable. The only problem will be about the translation of the diction, because the language is so inventively mean, that it can be hardly translated. Time will tell, but this doesn’t change the fact that it is a well-made and very dashing film.

By István Farkas and Richard Barna

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