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When a woman loves a man

Posted by Júl 01 2010

It’s hard to believe, but David Fincher, the man behind brilliant thrillers like “Seven,” “Fight Club”, and “Alien 3” is now the director of the most exciting romantic drama of our age. The genius master decided to spice up his cinematic resume with a surrealistic love story. Through the reversed life of his hero he is throwing us into a deep-deep pool of tears, and it’s up to us, if we sink down into the swamp of sorrow, float on the waves of laughter or cleanse ourselves with the painful and warm tears of love…

Travel with Benjamin…

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button is curious indeed: the story starts in 1920’s after the World War as a little baby boy is born into the body of a nearly hundred year old Metushelah. His mother died while she was giving birth, and as his father, after seeing the baby with his all-wrinkled skin, decides to get rid of his own flesh and blood as soon as possible. After finding his new home with a family who knows exactly how is it to be different from all the others, we discover the secret: the strange little old boy is actually growing younger and younger as the years go by. The Forrest Gump-like storyline gives us the impression that we are all relatives, friends and mentors in this adventouros life. And although we feel we are a part of his path, we can never be as close to him as a little girl… woman… old lady, who has to go climb all the stairs of heavens and hell if she doesn’t want to give up on her loved one.

Anyone who saw the fantastic movie, “Babel” knows exactly how the chemistry works between Brad Pitt and Cate Blanchett. Not just because she is pretty, tall and has an appearance of a queen, and he is charming and handsome as he has ever been, but also because both of them are shining with the glow of the classic Hollywood stars, and never seem superficial for a single second. Through three and a half-hour long movie, the actors and the creators are spoiling us with so many colors that the film never seems boring or heavy. Of course it helps a lot, that the movie is flawless also from a virtual point of view. The excellent work of the visual artists, designers and the entire crew is deserving every single technical Oscar which the film was nominated for. It also worth every minute what the make-up artists spent with applying the mask on Pitt, for turning him into Benjamin Button… it took five whole hours every single day.

The screenwriter Eric Roth based his story on a novel by Scott Fitzgerald, and even if the title is the same, the dramaturgy is as different as it can be. In the original story a sage was born old, with knowledge and wisdom, and later on he dies having forgotten everything, without even understanding how does it happen – he is just getting lost in the dark. Roth decided to introduce his own Benjamin as old man only in appearance, but with the mind of a newborn baby. This small twist entirely changes the character of the hero: it seems like Benjamin has nothing to loose and he is becoming younger, more handsome, and also wiser. But towards the end of the story, Roth decides to change his tune again, and now the little hero is suddenly loosing everything: his wisdom, his intelligence and most importantly his capability for being in love.

The plot ends in our days, as the Katrina hurricane destroys New-Orleans. The dramatic ending is not only spectacular but it works as an amazing metaphor: we usually deal with the acceptance of death in our own silent and personal way, trying to think about it as a natural part of life. But to loose our loved ones while we are still alive, can cause a real storm inside. A storm which in the end can be more devestating than the death itself…

My new anthem

Posted by feb 15 2010

I never though In will actually think about a Lindsay Lohan song as my anthem, but as I was doing my daily jogging on the beach, listening to my IPod, I got a slight crush on this song… do u guys remember it?

Lindsay+Lohan+-+Vanity+Fair+-+Feb+2006+-+cover-1-1Perfection with a twist…

“Life is a work of art you gotta paint it colorful,
Can make it anything u want don’t have to stick to any rules
You don’t need a high IQ to succeed in what you do,
You just gotta have no doubt just believe in yourself.

Doubters, non-believers.. once were dreamers.
One of these days you’ll open up your eyes… and you’ll realize:

That girl was a one time teenage drama queen
A hot, tough everyday wannabe…
but she’ll have changed her destiny.. now she’s a somebody.
That girl was a wild child dreamer but she found herself.
Cuz she believes in nothin else and you’ll look back and you wont believe that girl was me.”

I might be in an all-girlie-pinky mood, but this is ssso kabbalistic for me! It’s all about certainty. Whatever you guys might say, LiLo rocks!

raising haiti

Posted by jan 19 2010

I’m sure that you, like me, have been heartbroken by the images coming out of Haiti since the devastating earthquake shook the impoverished nation on Tuesday. Madonna felt the same way – that’s why she is calling for our help. Here is the letter what I received a few minutes ago…

e5a43aba-0027-11df-8626-00144feabdc0The time is now!

Dear Kristóf,

My prayers are with the people of Haiti. I can’t imagine the terrible pain and suffering they are experiencing. Sadly, the depths of the tragedy are just becoming known and the need for our support grows more urgent with every passing moment. I have given a donation of $250,000 to assist Haiti’s earthquake victims through Partners in Health, one of Haiti’s leading health care providers. I urge all of my friends and fans around the world to join me collectively to match my contribution or give in any way you can.

Many of you will remember Dr. Paul Farmer, a founding director of Partners in Health, from my film, “I Am Because We Are.” Paul is a medical anthropologist and a physician who has dedicated his life to treating some of the world’s poorest populations. Paul has been working alongside Haitians for decades, empowering them to improve their own communities. His dedication to Haiti and his transformative work there has inspired my own work in Malawi.

I realize I’ve asked for your help before. But when the suffering of tens of thousands of people comes into our homes and touches us the way the situation in Haiti has, I believe we are called to act. Right now, Partners in Health is rushing to provide medical supplies and additional staff to the 120 doctors and hundred of nurses they already have on the ground in Haiti. Supplies are quickly running out. I’m inspired by Partners in Health, and I whole-heartedly support their work. Please join me in supporting their relief efforts, which are needed more now than ever before. Please donate to Partners in Health now:

We cannot sit idly by and watch the suffering of so many. We must act now.

Thank you for your support,