Are you ready to think pink?

Posted by dec 09 2009

Last spring’s super production has finally arrived on DVD with English subtitles! This sexy, Hungarian-language teen trash comedy from director Gabor Forgacs tells the story of  a teenage plastic-princess and her outrageous plan of founding a cheerleading squad in an old hat school. Oh, and guess who wrote the screenplay…

filmkep.nofJealous, Paris darling?

Bingo… it was me. And trust me, these dolls are ready to take over the world! In the school where all the guys are cool and all the girls are hot, Regina Feld had it all: blond… sexy… and she was dating with the most popular guy from the basketball team. She thought she will be the queenbee forever… well, she was wrong! ’Cos a misterious stranger is about to turn her world upside down! Since every school has it’s own rules… especially the really posh ones, instead of a new mate she gets only new hate. If you wanna play the game, you got to know: if you play by the rule, you’re a damn fool. The question is: BFF stands for best friends forever… or brutal foes forever?  One thing is for sure: our cheerleader is not so cheerful now… and defenetley not a leader.

Starring the super sexy blonde ambition: Lilla Labanc…
Love… Fight… Jelousy… Passion…!

A foxy comedy what you just can’t miss!

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