Posted by Sze 06 2009

What are you afraid of?  Are you afraid of rats?  Are you afraid of worms? Are you afraid of heights? The premise of RTL Klub’s game show Fear Factor is that they take your fears and multiply them by 100!

Bonne appetit!

As the review of the show says: get ready to relive every thrilling, exhilarating, and outrageous moment of the mega-hit Fear Factor’ footage. Equally creative and diverse are the “gross out” exploits. What will it be this time, crawling into a coffin full of worms, or a pit full of snakes? Fear Factor adds an entirely new dimension to the reality TV genre. Contestants must not only face their own fears and repulsions head on, but they must do so in front of the other contestants, many of whom do their best to discourage them. And it has got to be tough on the big macho guys waiting their turn to perform after watching some tiny homo complete a stunt; they can’t give the slightest impression of fear without being humiliated. It is always fascinating to watch each person face their fear within the dynamics of the group. The reasons the contestants give for coming on the show are often touching, and sometimes have little to do with the $50,000 prize.

Well, we did win the game and the prize as well… and then we gave it away for charity. Shooting in Buenos Aires was really hot… I must say at nights, when everyone else was preparing for tomorrow’s terrible trial, I was out dancing with my new friend Ariel. Nope, he is  not the Little Mermaid but a cute guy from Argentina. After some crazy nights I felt like nothing can cure hangover better than a huge, black, hairy tarantula spider…  Yummie! Click on the video and join my dinner party!

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