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Preparing for Rosh Hashanah

Posted by Sze 02 2009

Since we are celebrating the Jewish new year’s eve very soon, I’ll give u an early present what I got from David Zakin, my Kabbalah instructor in the Kabbalah Centre of Tel Aviv. The Zohar explains the more you prepare your soul during the month leading up to RoshHashanah, the greater your year will be…

n559747692_245478_7607The Star of David

According to Kabbalah, a person’s vessel for receiving energy in the coming year is based on his activity during the last month of the current year. By taking the time in Virgo to pay attention to details, get in touch with our God-like nature, and noticing the effect our behavior has on others, we can ensure that our New Year will be filled with the right people and the right situations.

Teshuvah is a piece of Technology that the Kabbalists have used for centuries and we can prepare ourselves wit it for the most important days of our lives, Rosh Hashanah—which corresponds to the first week of Creation. The goal is that each day represents a “mini” life time. Your soul on some level does get judged each day, and according to that day’s actions, your destiny for the next day is altered. Your mission, as well as all the Kabbalists’ missions, is to go to sleep each day as if you were COMPLETELY PROACTIVE, that you took advantage of every opportunity to reveal the Light of the Creator. This will ensure that your next day is filled with miracles. At the end of your day, take a moment, recount, and write down all the negative, reactive, selfish actions of the day. Go one by one, hour by hour, and try to write down as many instances as you can remember.

Time traveling is a powerful way for creating the amazing, chaos-free life you were put on this earth to have. Remember it is an outstanding opportunity to upgrade our movie for the following year. So even if you usually don’t practice kabbalistic meditations, sometimes close your eyes, and travel back in time in a situation when you did something wrong, you hurt someone or you didn’t react the right way. By putting yourself into the other person’s position, feel the destruction what you did. Not so fun, right? So now re-create the whole scene, just this time choose an other way : be good, or more like… be God. I know you can.

David is a wonderful person and a very inspirational teacher and it’s a great honor that I can introduce this spiritual path to you trough the Rosh Hashanah meditations what I got from him.

Thank you David, thank you, Light!

Make a wish in the nearest bookstore!

Posted by Sze 01 2009

If you love mangas, don’t miss this one! 5 WISHES introduces Hana, a young girl who is floating though her teenage years in an introverted haze. Virtually friendless, she spends her time on the internet, using fake identities to mess with other people’s lives. Her parents are raging at one another, their marriage in shambles, and the one person she talks to is an imaginary version of her favorite singer. Avril responds to this: “I know that many of my fans read comics, and I’m really excited to be involved in creating stories that I know they will enjoy.” And I really did enjoy translating it to Hungarian..

200701301204Covergirls: Avril and Hana

Hanna’s rich fantasy life, though, is no substitute for the real life she craves, so she responds to an ad for a website that on the surface seems like a scam. However, the website is all-too-real, a fact she learns quickly when a package from the site arrives, and it contains a small demon who stands ready to grant five wishes for the young girl. But as we have been told time and time again in our lives… be careful what you wish for- you just might get it.

The book draws heavily from classic stories like “The Monkey’s Paw,” but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. The fun in these types of stories is in the creativity used by the creators in how the wishes can go horribly awry. Hana is forcibly placed in an “adopt a grandchild” type of program early in the book, and when she wishes that the man won’t want to see her anymore… the results are nasty and tragic. The rest of the wishes aren’t quite as clever, but the book is still successful in what it’s aiming to do.

Done in color and printed on glossy paper, 5 WISHES looks lovely, and the writer, D’Errico is a real find. While there’s reason to be wary of any book coming from the inspiration of a music star, this is an above average effort and worth a look, says Marc Manson, reviewer of super popular

A very emo story with a twist, and with a lot of love… from Avril and me! If you have the chance, check out my Hungarian version.